Big wheel
Big wheel

The recent draw of Red 7 was 20 minutes ago
There are 7 symbols in Big Wheel to place bets on.

Cherries × 2; Watermelon × 2; Plate × 5; Bell × 10; Blue 7 × 15; Red 7 × 30; Pinwheel × 2-10 (random)

When the spin hits Pinwheel, player gets an additional chance to draw either Blue 7 or Red 7;
When the value of Jackpot reaches 50,000 and above, it triggers a Mega Win which lets players to win 10 times additional money.
Players have 40 seconds to place bets before a 5-second countdown begins. When the countdown stops, the Wheel starts to spin.


If you have free bonuses (including but not limited to welcome bonus, giveaways, contest etc.) in your game balance, you have to reach a minimum amount of turnover to make withdrawals. In Big Wheel, the turnover limit is 9 times of your free bonus, and it counts 100% of your bets as turnover amount.