Have you been unlucky with the Scratchers?

Has it happened that you could not use the
Scratchers even though you had several of them?

You couldn't get bigger prizes on the scratchers?

man pic

It's time to do away with the Scratchers! We bring you the brand new Bonanza!

TOP Prize is KSH 50000!

pic woman
Comparisons are as follows:
Items Bonaza Scratcher
Time All-day 8-9pm
Special KSH 50000 N/A
First Prize KSH 5000 KSH 5000
Second Prize KSH 1500 KSH 1500
Third Prize KSH 800 KSH 800
Fourth Prize KSH 100 KSH 100
Fifth Prize KSH 50 N/A
Sixth Prize KSH 30 N/A
Seventh Prize KSH 10 N/A